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Sitting by Campfire


Retreats are events which create an immersive experience of restoration, healing, and transformation for individuals and small groups.  Getting away from everyday life and connecting with ourselves, others, and the Divine facilitating healing and growth.   Hosted in a tranquil setting,  retreats offer scheduled time for quiet self- reflection, sharing/support, and a variety of scheduled activities designed to tap into your own healing abilities.

I facilitate periodic destination retreats or I can facilitate personalized retreats designed just for you.


How much do retreats cost?   Individual and group retreats are based on package components and number of hours/days.  A deposit is required with payment balance due prior to the day of service.

How long do retreats last? Retreats can be for a half-day, a whole day, or several days.

Where do retreats take place?  Retreats can take place in a variety of locations, but usually retreat centers set in tranquil locations.

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